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    What Do You Really Know About The Networks Touching Your Organization…

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    The Internet is increasingly unknowable to its human users. What do you really know about the networks touching your organization – or, for that matter, about your own network? Get the white paper now.

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    Case Study: Cloud Migration & Optimization

    Telemetri  doesn’t merely monitor and document everything going on in the data center – many different tools can accomplish that function. Telemetri  was developed to amplify the effectiveness of these investments, not replace them. Telemetri is designed to effectively detail how systems are being used, for what, and where.

    Case Study: Insider Threats

    Software downloads, dark web related activities, and unauthorized file sharing are among the many activities that may go undetected with traditional security tools. Even if benign – when the insider isn’t trying to harm the organization – the consequences of these activities can be devastating, particularly in an age of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

    Case Study: Threat Detection Efficiency

    An explosion of data, combined with a shortage of analysts, means that legitimate online threats get lost in the noise.
    Growth in global IP traffic outpaces most organizations’ ability to react to threats. They are often so flooded by data they are rarely able to identify which network addresses are a priority to isolate for further investigation.

    Get The FAQs!

    How is Telemetri different from traditional threat feeds?

    Telemetri is not a threat feed, it is an enriched internet data feature set.

    Who provides customer assistance, how are they contacted and where are they located?

    Customer assistance through our US based team of analysts is contacted through We utilize a ticketing system and provide support within one business day.

    How many people are on the Telemetri team?

    Our team is comprised of eight dedicated individuals along with numerous vendors and partners that form our ecosystem. We are also in a joint venture with IIA and count their considerable resources as a part of our asset base.

    Is Telemetri US owned?


    How is Telemetri data delivered?

    We can deliver in many formats, depending on the needs of each customer. Traditionally, we have used .CSV or JSON.

    Does Telemetri integrate with SIEM’s and SOAR’s etc?


    How often is Telemetri data delivered?

    As frequently as daily, but no less than monthly, depending on the level of subscription.

    What is the cost for Telemetri?

    This depends on the needs and scale of each customer.

    Can Telemetri be customized to suit the needs of my organization?


    Will I need to incur development costs or implementation costs if I buy Telemetri?

    Not unless customized programming is required, which is not anticipated.

    Can Telemetri staff help with implementation?

    Yes, we are able to help and can discuss providing additional services under the terms of the contract.

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